April 19, 2011

bread-and-butter-mashups for surveyors (and everyone)

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Make your own Mashup with Google Fusion. The Mashup and Ad Hoc mapping seminar we (SSSI) ran for the Institution of Surveyors NSW last week was very well received. Over 50 surveyors at this twilight seminar at Surry Hills to learn what are mashups, why should I be doing them and how do I get started?

I spoke about mashups in general and my favourites, why they are so valuable for business as well as fun, community stuff. Cameron Shorter spoke about selecting data and how to make sure it is fast and easy to use, Matt Robinson walked us through some step by step examples. We were keen to hear how surveyors might use a mashup. One suggestion was to plot all survey jobs on a Google Map. Andrew Harvey at Lagen Spatial has put together a very simple step by step guide of  how to do this with Google Fusion Рtaking a spreadsheet and visualising it on a Google Map. Check it out on their blog