April 30, 2010

Reducing congestion in Holland

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As a former Dutch resident and hearing about regular and horrendous gridlock on Dutch motorways I was interested to read about Dutch plans to track every vehicle and charge based on kms  – so no more set vehicle registration fees, just a pay-for-infrastructure use system. I’ve always felt that fixed registration fees encourage you to use your car rather than public transport – because you’ve already paid a lot before you even get into the car. So I hope this goes ahead (starts in 2012)and it works

http://mycoordinates.org/being-under-watch/ also looks at the privacy issues

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November 3, 2009

Creative commons for data sharing

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I learned a lot about creative commons last week at FOSS4G – they are being used in Australia (Queensland) and overseas (Canada). Initially used for creative works such as written texts, images and photos. I’d like to publish our Raising the Profile of spatial survey under creative commons but didn’t know how to do it. Neale Hooper of QUT was very helpful, pointing me to    http://www.oaklaw.qut.edu.au/ For some examples of works licensed under CC licences.

Creative Commons

The peak body in the Australian and New Zealand spatial industry — Anzlic — is expected to endorse Creative Commons as the basis of sharing data sets.


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spatial and legal

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Legal aspects of spatial keep popping up.

“If people are confused, they say no, especially lawyers”

said Kevin Pomfret, a lawyer from the Open GIS Consortium.  He was urging us to seek out and educate the legal profession  avoid problems such as spatial evidence being ruled as inadmissible or lawyers refusing to approve data sharing licence agreements.  Technology is moving faster than the ability of people to understand it.  The OGC and GITA ran a  workshop for lawyers in the US.

Mobile phones, business intelligence, social networking and satellite tracking of vehicles and equipment raises a number of issues concerning privacy, intellectual property rights, liability,  and national security