November 14, 2012

Open Australia Foundation Hackfest

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Sadly I cannot go but perhaps you can? It will be good and you get to see inside the Google offices at Pyrmont Sydney. Well worth it.

OA say “We’re launching an exciting new project very soon that makes it straightforward for ordinary Australians to request information from their government. The site also opens up the whole process of making Freedom of Information requests by making the whole paper (or rather email) trail of request and responses public.

For this hackfest we’re not only inviting hackers to get involved with the technical aspects of the project, we’re also inviting hacks, activists, FOI gurus and anyone else that’s interested in learning more or getting involved with this new project.”

Register at

March 31, 2011

new and library hack competition

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The production version of is live. It provides an easy (my emphasis because  easy  is crucial) way to find, access and reuse public datasets from the Australian Government and state and territory governments. What is really exciting is they will help hackers and mashers to stand on each others’ shoulders.

“We encourage all users to improve government information by using it to develop tools and applications which benefit all Australians. Submitting links to these new applications will enable their promotion through in future enhancements to the site”

Libraryhack is a mashup and apps competition using data from Australian and New Zealand libraries. Starting in February for ideas and May for apswith hackfests around the country.  Get busy!



March 7, 2011

apps4nsw hackfest

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From 8am on Saturday 19th February, 160 website designers, developers and government people got together at the Powerhouse Museum for an apps4nsw development day. Their challenge was to build an app in about 8 hours, using data from the NSW Government.

Find out what happened next… apps4nsw hackfest 2011

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