April 30, 2012

So how are we doing with open data?

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I just watched this video again from Tim Berners-Lee (still not so recent, its 2010), reviewing progress on open data and some mashup examples. The one about the water connections (or lack of)  to white and black communities is particularly powerful.

Sadly, in Australia, I heard that data.gov.au has lost government support – it no longer has anyone looking after it. Sounds like a death knell. There is no “most recent datasets” list so its really hard to see if any new data has been posted.

Tim Berners Lee The Year Open Data went World Wide

October 11, 2010

spatial@gov and social media

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Having urged the organisers to enable ongoing discussion and collaboration in the spirit of government 2.0 I offered my services to assist – followed up with Ben Searle today. Ben will look into slideshare for sharing presentations – this would allow discussion and comment on specific presentations. Maurits v/d Vlugt and I have uploaded ours already – has anyone else? (Search slideshare for spatial@gov). Ben is also looking at what sort of forum/wiki his current platform with support so watch this space. Maurits was blogging very eloquently last week so until we have a general forum do comment on our blogs.

spatial@gov snippets

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Peter Kinne and I share maps on the touchy feely Surface

Back on deck after a huge week at what must have been the largest national spatial conference ever held in Australia (FIG was bigger but that was international).  The government 2.0 sessions threw up some very interesting papers. Check out Maurits vd Vlugt’s presentation and blog I got some very positive feedback on Mashup Competitions and Data Portals, especially from those who found it refreshingly untechnical.  Memorable things for me were playing with the Microsoft Surface  on the Geomatic Technologies stand, Neat Streets (a production equivalent of itsbuggeredmate)  and Colin McDonald, the head of Land information New Zealand on the aftermath of the New Zealand earthquake (3 metre land shifts in all directions).

While in past years, we have bemoaned the fact that “outsiders” didn’t understand the power of spatial, they are now throwing down the gauntlet, telling us clearly what they want.

Outsiders are starting to throw down the gauntlet to the spatial industry

Michael Haines of Westgate Ports wants a Virtual Australia, starting with the Port of Melbourne (shades of James Bangay and his SIM city model of the power network). Barry Sandison of Centrelink has phenomenal amounts of data that his staff only use a tiny part of. He said  “Tell me something I didn’t know” rather than confirming what policy advisers and case workers already know. Sounds like the serendipity of mashups to me. “Data snobs” are inhibiting the flow of information.

June 15, 2010

Response to government 2.0 report

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The Federal Government has responded to the taskforce generally agreeing to 12 of its 13 key recommendations. There is a new Agimo  blog to track progress