October 1, 2010

New data.gov.au in November

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I asked Peter Alexander, Assistant Secretary at AGIMO (Australian Government Information Management Office)  about the future of the data.gov.au data portal used to supply data the MashupAustralia competition. This portal also has the url data.australia.gov.au.

I’m speaking on data portals and lessons learned from around the world on Wednesday afternoon  in the government 2.0 spatial@gov conference.

The data.gov.au  beta portal will be replaced by a  production version next month,  hosted in the cloud. First priority is discoverability because it doesn’t matter how good it is if you cannot find it.

Second priority is format.   The philosophy is to go with whatever is possible (it may be a table in a pdf initially), then improve on it  e.g. with web services.  AGIMO will be working very hard with agencies to get their data published.  Agencies are a lot more comfortable about sharing now they know the sky did not fall with Mashup Australia, on the contrary they saw  the benefits.

Agencies will self publish. There will be 5-10 attributes for every dataset, then links through to specialist portals for statistical or geospatial data (eg. Geoscience Australia). These will have more and different metadata.

We agreed on the  importance of resourcing the admin, blog etc. But there will be a ‘lag response policy’. If you jump in straight away with an answer it can kill the conversation. Better to encourage comments on comments and let conversation blossom.  That’s an interesting take.

Peter has had some discussions with ANZLIC and states. The same technology platform can be used by states.

May 4, 2010

GIS in the cloud

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Interesting article about what cloud computing means for GIS companies  in directions magazine http://www.directionsmag.com/article.php?article_id=3481&goback=.nvr_49657_1

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March 12, 2010

Business Intelligence in the clouds

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I attended a media briefing yesterday  by MyDials and Netsuite. It was about Right Time Business Intelligence using cloud computing.  By ‘Right Time’, they mean ‘promptly, when you need it’ . Not real time as in industrial control systems, but you don’t need BI updated every second. Per day or hour (even per week!) is probably  much better than many managers are getting now.

While most large companies have their BI in place, its daunting to implement for middle sized and SMEs which is where MyDials concentrates. Companies don’t have big upfront licencing fees, training or hardware costs. Its scalable, low risk. (If the customer doesn’t get value they simply don’t renew their subscription).

I see a big opportunity there for complementing the Software as a Service (SaaS) with Information as a Service (IaaS).  BI is only as good as your data and if you can give your own business data more context but overlaying  public data (such as demographic data for a health fund) it will be so much more powerful. With all the public sector information being made much more freely available (http://data.australia.gov.au/ and its state counterparts) , rather than every company importing and overlaying it, if one service provider can do it,  its a huge productivity gain.