Explaining spatial

What is GIS and why should non-profits care?

“Because maps tell powerful stories about the communities and the world in which we live” says a free “Guide to Nonprofit GIS and Online Mapping” PDF for staff and volunteers of grassroots groups, voluntary sector organizations, etc. It’s chock full of cartography for a good cause, free and low-cost tools and US data sources, Very reader friendly and expains the buzz words.

New, free Australian resource
Britain From Above Television program and case studies from the UK

For lawyers

Spatial technology is starting to get attention in legal circles.

Spatial Law and Policy Summit

For a truly vibrant  introduction to the GIS etc you cannot go past the video trailer for the

When they get the funding this will be a  video series about “the world of digital mapping and how it is changing the way we think, behave, and interact”. It is being used to educate the public and politicians in the US.

More videos

Social, economic, political and environmental maps providing a highly visual starting point for those interested in understanding the issues within a global context and the correlations between them.

For climate scientists

This one is pretty technical but I have put it here temporarily…

The Climate Change Interoperability Plugfest launched in 2009 by the OGC is described as a “an easy and convenient way for the climate change and technology communities to work on a one to one basis. ”

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