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If you are talking about Careers in geospatial, feel free to use this presentation “My Brilliant Geospatial Career” which was very well received by High School students.

The University of NSW TV channel has some short sharp interviews with past graduates and explains the subjects of study and research

This is a selection View them all

SSIS graduate Richard Sughanda talks about his project to make a 3D model of the campus using LIDAR imagery and his career which includes surveying in the Pilborough.

Dr Craig Roberts talks about courses at UNSW, skills shortages, subjects and ATARS

Gavin Watson talks about transition from Tafe to uni

Fadillah Norzahari used GIS to help Sydney Water identify what was choking sewerage pipes

Chris Larmour talks about 3D modelling

Ace Day Jobs – ABC series – interview and video of Renee Bartolo spatial scientist

Alan Noble wrote The Art of “Goography” using Google to teach Geography for Victorian Geography teachers.

Demand is increasing for scientists and engineers yet high school enrolments in science and maths are going down.  It makes sense to plug spatial into some wider initiatives to educate and enthuse young people.

National ICT careers week is run in July by the Australian Information Industry Association and the Australian Computer Society. It combines the activities of 90 organisations, organises bus tours for careers advisers and is widely publicised.
Extreme Science video on youtube
This just happened for 2010 in Melbourne, but maybe next year?
STELR ’Science and Technology Education Leveraging Relevance’ is a national education initiative to show school students how science, technology and engineering are relevant to Australian life by focusing on climate change. It talks about maths and science – how can they possibly do it without spatial?

When we have piqued their interest…

A website jointly developed by SIBA and SSSI with sections for students, parents, teachers and careers advisors. Contact the Queensland SSSI office for posters if you are doing a careers day at school


A life without limits
A day in the life of a surveyor (6 minute youtube from the US)