Raising the Profile of Spatial

“You work in an industry frankly not many people understand. It is more than an in-car navigation system or Google Map”

His Excellency Rear Admiral Scarce, Governor of South Australia.

Image: SSSI

In  2009 I worked with Megan Stanley on a survey “Raising the Profile of Spatial”. We surveyed over 200 SSSI members and the same number of employees in Megan’s company Aurecon, to find out what non-spatial people know or don’t know about our industry, the problems this causes and what should we do about it. We presented our Results and Report and Powerpoint presentation at the Surveying and Spatial Sciences SSSI Conference 2009.

Since one of our main recommendations was not to reinvent the wheel,  I searched out an array of spatial profile raising and educational material.  It was quite well hidden so  hidden so I hope I have saved you a lot of time by collecting  it together here. Please let me know of more I can add.

A whole range of case studies from the UK


Learning Tools/Explaining spatial

For schools/promoting careers in spatial

Please email other links or if you would like to collaborate on profile raising activities.