Principal Jose Diacono has over thirty years experience in IT, marketing, training, support, event and project management and sales, specialising in spatial data and GIS. She has worked with multinational software companies GE, Intergraph and Smallworld, the Geospatial Information & Technology Association (GITA) and real time systems developer  SPL International  in a variety of technical, marketing and management roles in Europe and Australia.

She founded Communica  in 2005 to help government and suppliers spread the word about mapping (or Geographic Information systems as it was then called) to  corporate decision makers and the wider community. This was before Google Maps and SatNav burst onto the scene!

As she tracked the opening up of location data by Google and the amazing achievements of the ‘Open Data’ movement in which governments release their data to the programming public, Jose has become a passionate advocate of data sharing and websites that are a pleasure to visit. She has spoken at conferences and written magazine articles about spatial industry trends and business applications.

Jose is a volunteer advisory committee member for the 2015 GeoNext Conference and Webmaster for Sydney International Horse Trials

working with Ian Stark

Recording a virtual course walk for spectators with course designer Ian Stark

In 2011 Jose co-founded CrossCountry App with her programmer son James and designer daughter Helen.  Since then her career has taken a new direction into the sport of Eventing.  She has helped bring spectator and rider friendly, leading edge technology to some of the world’s leading equestrian competitions  – met current and former Olympic medalists and learned much in the process.

Communica’s  website clients include equestrian, engineering, consultants and artists.

Jose  has an Honours Degree in Modern Languages from the University of Bradford, a Diploma in Management Studies and while rusty, gets by in Dutch, French and German.

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