December 11, 2011

My Brilliant Geospatial Career

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Teenage girls in Victoria can find good vintage clothes with the mymarkets app

I recently was invited to give a presentation about careers in spatial to 200 year 12 girls and teachersĀ at Cheltenham Girls High School in Sydney. I gathered a lot of material at the spatial@gov conference the previous week – talking to young women at the conference about their careers. Andrew Bashfield told me how his company Intermap technologies is working with a group in Borneo called Deforestaction. School students check satellite imagery each week for changes that flag illegal logging. I used an example of an app to help them find vintage clothes in Victorian markets.

I purposefully kept it very non technical (it was last thing on a hot afternoon) and it was very well received. (They cheered!) I’m happy to give it at other high schools or for others to modify it and present themselves.

It has creative commons licencing and presentation notes. It is on slideshare


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