October 13, 2011

Ausgrid mashup – build on it!

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St ives residents are heavy electricity users, especially in winter

Ausgrid (formerly Energy Australia – one of the two electricity suppliers in Sydney) first released some of their usage data at the apps4nsw hackfest. It was very interesting to see the differences of up to 30% in average electricity between suburbs (St Ives is the highest). Now Ausgrid have launched their own mashup which shows not only electricity use but also the works they have completed in your suburb (repairs, new substations, streetlights) and how much solar energy is being fed back into the grid.

As an enhancement I’d like to be able to see easy comparisions between suburbs. Currently you just have to click and then remember the stats before you click on another suburb to compare. But we don’t have to wait for Ausgrid to do this. All the raw data is available.  Ausgrid say on their website “We’re working to share more information to help educate, inform and support the community. In particular, this information may be of interest to researchers or developers who want to create applications for the web or smart phones”.

Imagine if AGL published the gas consumption and Integral Energy (who serve the West of Sydney) published theirs, we could have a full picture for the whole of Sydney.What a powerful mashup that would be.

Also electricity is only part of the equation, could gas be added? Perhaps they don’t have gas in St Ives.

Here is another electricity mashup – this time street lights from ETSA in South Australia


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