March 21, 2011

Georabble and bus apps

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Ross Johnson wonders if this is the queue for Georabble

Ross Johnson wonders if this is the queue for Georabble

Georabble was definitely a huge hit. The upstairs room at the Occidental hotel in York street, Sydney  (great location) was packed with spatial people, journalists, a lawyer (who introduced me to a top iphone app called Tripview which I downloaded for $2.50 on the way home).

Two especially interesting talks were Monique Potts of the ABC on Queensland Flood Mapping and Chris Broadfoot, joint winner of the recent apps4nsw comp who explained next-bus, a website app that uses RTA realtime bus info to let you stay in bed a couple of extra minutes. See all the buses approaching your stop. As always, much of the challenges involve getting the data. The live bus feed seems to be still intermittent but Tripview which uses static timetable data tells you what bus is coming in theory, is a good second.  Tripview allows you to choose your bus stop from a google map rather than having to guess the non-obvious stop description you have to select on the 131500 website. Thanks to the ‘rabble’ of organisers. Great job guys.


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