October 21, 2010

the perils of geolocation with social media

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Radio National’s Futuretense show this morning. podcast How social networking like foursquare and twitter is using geolocation – the upside means you can find out if friends and colleagues are close by to catch up with them or find out what interesting places are close by if you have a few minutes to kill, but the downside is that if you enable geolocating and forget about it, you can be revealing your location inadvertently to the world. Interesting take on terminology, ‘geolocating’ sounds ok, but ‘geotracking’ sounds sinister. ¬†Interviews with social media experts and a lawyer (who is actually very enthusiastic about sharing his location.

Website in Holland ‘pleaserobme.com’ Raising awareness about oversharing. Shows how the devious could stalk you or identify when your house is empty to rob me. The gist of the program is “it has huge benefits, but use it wisely”.


  1. true…geolocation can be hazardous if used willy nilly…however, geolocation + news can provide some pretty powerful ways of offering location based support…for example, we use location based social support for land surveyors on Land Surveyors United

    Comment by land surveyorDecember 14, 2010 @ 5:38 am
  2. […] media,¬† and perceptions drawn from media articles about Twitter or Facebook.¬† Yes, there are perils in social media but this is not a good reason to ignore it. These are very interesting times for spatial, and the […]

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