September 1, 2010

Irrigation myths busted at GITA conference

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I have covered a couple of conferences recently for Asian Survey and Mapping e-zine, most recently GITA in Brisbane.

Irrigation Myths Busted

I’ll be writing about the CRC and some new products in coming editions. ¬† There were some inspiring presentations on business and strategic directions at GITA. Terrey Effeney from Energex about the challenges of how to make an electricity grid built for the 20th century handle our 21st century lifestyle of airconditioners,Wii, solar panels feeding into the grid and electric cars. ¬†Also Peter Woodgate of the CRC gave a very encouraging picture of how the CRC will take spatial to industries like health and energy and how to achieve James Bangay’s vision of a SimCity-like model of the electricity network.

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